Motorization Systems

Interiors by Royale provides an extensive range of quality window treatments including Motorization Systems for your drapes, blinds, and shades. In fact, 60% of Interiors by Royale’s roman shades and roller shades are now motorized. Motorized window treatments offer you the ability to open and close your window treatments with the simple push of a button. The motorization systems can be controlled through the use of remote controls, wall switches, or integrated into a smart house system allowing operation through a computer, tablet, or smart phone.

Motorization systems for your window treatments are a perfect solution for today’s lifestyle. Through the use of a timer that will open and close your blinds or shades at specific times, motorized window treatments enhance the efficiency of your home by managing the amount of sunlight throughout the day and provide security with the appearance that someone is home. Most importantly, your home is much safer for children and elderly with the elimination of dangerous hanging cords. There are so many color and style options to choose from that anyone can find the right treatments for their home décor.

Once you experience the ease of use, privacy, safety, and convenience of being able to open and close your window treatments from the comfort of your bed you will ask yourself, “How did I live without it!?!”

Interiors by Royale is an authorized dealer of Lutron, Somfy, and BTX motorized systems.  To learn more about motorized systems for your window treatments please call (212) 753-4600 or email [email protected] today.